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The Procedure

As you age, collagen and volume of the breast are lost causing sagging breasts pointing south. The Vampire Breast Lift Procedure comes in to correct these conditions.

The 2 Steps of the Vampire Breast Lift ® Procedure

Step 1 – The Injector Isolates Growth Factors from the Patient’s Blood.

When these growth factors enter the breast (injected by the physician), then multipotent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue. This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow).

Then they“activate” those platelets to cause the release from the platelets of at least eight growth factors that would typically be used to heal injured tissue.  These growth factors work like magic to produce increased collagen & new blood flow. The Vampire Breast Lift® rejuvenates new skin. These growth factors must be put back into your breast.

Step 2 – Injecting the Magic into Your Breast

Using numbing cream and a tiny needle (for almost no pain), the physician injects the woman’s growth factors back into her breast in a particular way. These growth factors then activate multipotent stem cells already in the skin (tricking them into “thinking” there’s been an injury, and new younger tissue should be generated).
The Vampire Breast Lift® Modeled after the Vampire Facelift ® Procedure.

Signs you may be a candidate for Vampire Breast Lift:

  1. Skin color becomes grayer due to less blood flow.
  2. The shape of the breast becomes collapsed and droopy.
  3. Sensation decreased after breastfeeding, or implants, other surgery, or age.
  4. Inverted nipples can also be corrected.
  5. Crinkling skin around the cleavage area.

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