Therapeutic use of Human Growth Hormone provides Health Benefits

Like many other processes in the human body, production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) begins to decline as we age. Released by the pituitary gland, HGH is a protein responsible for growth and cell reproduction. This is exactly why production of HGH rises during childhood years, making children and adolescents grow, and reaches its peak during puberty. By the time a person is 20-30 years of age, production of HGH takes a downward spiral. By age 60, HGH is usually less than half what it was at 25.

In today’s society, HGH has been associated with improved performance in athletes because it helps regulate body composition as well as muscle and bone growth. As we become older and GH levels decrease, it becomes increasingly harder to repair and recover after intense exercise. Unfortunately, this has made HGH a desirable substance among athletes who end up abusing this anabolic hormone—reason professional sports associations have banned its use.

In spite of the negative connotations, when used under medical supervision, HGH does have health benefits that have proven advantageous for patients in need.  HGH injections are used to treat children with poor growth due to specific medical conditions or unknown causes. In addition, HGH is prescribed for adults who experience deficiencies or loss of muscle due to HIV or AIDS. An increase in muscle mass, exercise capacity and energy are some of the benefits reported in these cases.

HGH is released in small quantities while we sleep and levels vary throughout the day, making it very difficult to measure. It is important that specialized testing be done in order to accurately record HGH levels and diagnose a possible deficiency.

A pioneer study done in 1986 found that even in older age adults, it is possible to stimulate the pituitary gland to release as much HGH as it did in younger years. The results included the following benefits, among others:

  • Memory improvement
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Thicker skin with more collagen
  • Organ revitalization
  • Better vision
  • Stronger bones
  • A stronger heart with improved cardiac output

As a functional medicine practice, Bellissimo Medical specializes in hormone therapy, including HGH and sermorelin, an analog of naturally occurring growth hormone releasing hormone that stimulates production of HGH. When it comes to hormone therapy, it is important that patients work with a qualified practitioner to ensure correct diagnosis as this treatment is not for everyone.

The first step is to evaluate a patient’s current health condition and learn about their medical history. Many times, we can slow down our biological clocks and treat health conditions by making simple lifestyle changes that include correct nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep.

HGH is not a miracle shot nor the elixir from the fountain of youth— but it can have profound anti-aging effects when prescribed by an experienced physician.

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