The term vampire breastlift conjures up strange images out of a Hammer horror movie (the old-fashioned kind that starred Christopher Lee as the blood-sucking Count Dracula), but not only is it a benign beauty procedure it’s actually a healthy way for women to alter the size and contours of their breasts. Vampire breastlifts are non-surgical procedures that take a woman’s own blood, and use it to give her fuller, rounder breasts.

How Does It Work?

A vampire breastlift begins with taking blood from the woman undergoing the procedure. The blood is run through a centrifuge (the machines that spin very quickly) in order to separate platelets from red blood cells. Once they’ve been separated the platelets are mixed with a simple solution of calcium chloride. This makes the platelets release growth factors, and then the solution is mixed with small amounts of fillers like Juvederm. Once the mixing is done the compound is injected into certain areas of the breast.

What Are The Results?

Vampire breastlifts take less than an hour to complete (and in many cases the process may be completed in only half an hour), and they aren’t meant to increase breast size the way that a surgical breast enhancement would. These procedures result in fuller breasts that have better lift and cleavage; essentially providing a woman’s chest with the same thing a well-made bra would but without the necessity of the tailored lingerie.

Are They Safe?

Vampire breastlifts are very safe, and they require no recovery or recuperation time. The material used in the procedure is made from the woman’s own body, so there’s no real risk of rejection or complication, and the procedure can be done quickly and easily by a professional in a clinical setting rather than at a hospital. The short version; vampire breastlifts are safe, simple ways for women to add a little size and shape to their breasts without undergoing surgery, and it’s a procedure with minimal risk that can be done quickly by any trained professional.

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