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Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette, Jr, DO and Stephanie Muniz Nerette, MSN, FNP-C focus on the optimization of health by achieving hormonal balance and partnering with you to empower and educate you in the right choices to profoundly affect your quality of life and wellness.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

As you age, your body produces lower levels of hormones that are vital to your health and well-being. By bringing your hormones back to the levels they were during your 30’s, you can begin to feel and look your absolute best.
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Dr. Nerette is a recognized bio identical hormone and wellness provider in

Suzanne Somers latest book:KNOCKOUT


Cosmetic Services

Bellissimo Medical also provides the latest in aesthetic medicine in order to make you look as good as you feel. We offer a range of fillers in order to return the well needed volume in the cheeks, lips or jaw; botulinum toxin A to relax and remove those unwanted wrinkles; dermaplaning and facials to exfoliate, detoxify and stimulate your own bodies collagen.

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Hormone Treatments

Cosmetic Services

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slide2A Functional Approach to Optimizing your Health

Bellissimo Medical at Weston & Tampa Fla, is a medical practice which specializes in functional medicine and aesthetic treatments to ensure vitality inside and out in a state of the art facility located in Weston, Florida.

Functional Medicine is the evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. It is the synergy of eastern and western medicine and scientific research that treats the whole body, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

At Bellissimo, we spend time with our clients listening to their medical past and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic illnesses.

While lavish relaxation is part of our spa experience, we strive to deliver preventative and restorative therapies that support the unique expression of health, beauty and wellness for each individual.


Opti-Life Program is an exclusive program to Bellissimo Medical of Weston & Tampa Fla. which specializes in the restoration of health, function and balance by using state of the art testing, individualized treatment plans, medical grade natural supplements to maximize your health and quality of life.

With over 20 years combined education and training, Dr. JC Nerette and Stephanie Muniz Nerette, ARNP have integrated their innovative functional medicine approach to offer their clients a multi-disciplinary approach of the Opti-Life Program.

What is the Opti-Life Program? The Opti-Life Program is an individualized program that is based on the optimization of health and designed to be catered to your specific needs.

Read bio-identical hormone replacement therapy case studies of men and women who have received them for various health conditions

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  • Hormone Therapy
  • Opti-Life
  • PRP
Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Are you a woman suffering from one or more of the following? If so, please read more about how Bio-Identical Horomone Replacement by Bellissimo can help you feel like yourself again.

  • Depression
  • Hot Flashes
  • Lack of Sex Drive
  • Migraines
  • PMS
  • Pre/Post Menopausal
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Weight Gain

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Hormone Therapy for Men

Do you find yourself lacking in sexual desire, gaining weight, losing muscle mass and feeling sluggish, depressed and irritable?

You are just like millions of men who are enduring these changes as part of the aging process. Well, we have good news! You no longer have to live with it.

At Bellissimo Medical, we have the solution for you: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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Our goal through the Opti-Life Program is get you better and feeling great!

Opti-Life Program

What is the Opti-Life Program?

The Opti-Life Program is an individualized program that is based on the optimization of health and designed to be catered to your specific needs.

The Opti-Life Program is very different from the traditional medicine of today which is considered to be only reactive to disease focusing primarily on acute care and believing there is a pharmaceutical prescription for every complaint.

Our goal through the Opti-Life Program is to get you better balanced and feeling great! Together we can restore your health with:


What are Hormones?

Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette Jr., D.O. of Bellissimo Medical  Weston Fla, Tampa Fla explains what hormones are and how they affect our body.
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I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Nerette after years of “traditional” medicine doctors that did much more harm than help. Dr. Nerette actually took the time to listen and understand, and knew exactly which tests to administer to provide me with “nutraceuticals” that healed my body from all the awful chemical drugs that doctors had prescribed me previously that just masked the symptoms. Dr. Nerette healed me by addressing the root of the problem and enhancing how my body functions. Within months I feel better than I have in years, more than I ever could have imagined! So thank you thank you thank you!!! ~ June 17, 2015 ·


I was having trouble going through menopause, that is, until I was referred to Dr. Nerette and his partner (both in business and life), his wife, Stephanie. I have begun hormone replacement therapy via pellet and a regimen of vitamins and cannot wait to explore other methods of alternative medicine that they offer. Thank you so much to both of you and your incredible friendly and professional team. You have given me hope to a much happier and healthier lifestyle!!!!  ~ October 24, 2014


Dr Nerette and Stephanie have been treating me for several years. They are personable, upbeat, and knowledgeable. They are available by phone and are prompt in returning calls and addressing issues whenever needed. They have helped me through several issues and improved my health, sleep, and well-being. The quality of my life has definitely improved due to their responsive and expert care. I truly feel at least 10 years younger! I wish more women/men would take advantage of their services and also improve their quality of life ~ June 5, 2015


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